What can DutchSE do for you?

Bringing students and entrepreneurship together

Resources & Network

With DutchSE study associations will be able to get a bigger entrepreneurship network to go to and more resources to work with.


DutchSE maps all the important (inter)national events and summits. We will make sure all information on entrepreneurial events can be found in one place.

Knowledge Sharing

Together with all Dutch entrepreneurial student communities, DutchSE will preserve and share knowledge. All affiliated communities will benefit from knowledge sharing.

What is DutchSE?

Entrepreneurship is good for the economy and employment. many initiatives have sprung up over the last years to aid new and young entrepreneurs with their business dreams. Students are specifically an interesting group and there are various organisations focussed on helping students or graduates in the field of entrepreneurship. There is currently however no national collaboration between these organisations and in that way opportunities are missed in the fields of knowledge-sharing, functional collaboration and logistics. Students, due to this, have difficulties finding entrepreneurial opportunities outside their own student city.

DutchSE joins the forces of local student entrepreneurship communities and in that way creates a strong national network. With that network we can increase the means, knowledge and passion of student entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

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16th Oct – IdeaLab: Rockboost [ECE]

27th Oct – Vijfde editie BMG Café: laat je inspireren [BMG]

Donderdag 27 oktober om 15.30 uur is het eindelijk weer zover, de vijfde editie van het BMG Café: het ondernemerscafé voor de student! Ook deze editie zullen er drie inspirerende ondernemers aanwezig zijn. Jordi Hillenga, uitvinder van de pizza-automaat in Nederland, Herman Kopinga met zijn passie voor knopjes en Koen Atema, rasondernemer en oprichter van het Launch Café vertellen over ...

7th Nov – Innovation Challenge [ECE]

14th Nov – Seminar Philips Innovation Award [MC4E]

Is your idea worth €50.000? The Philips Innovation Award, the largest student entrepreneur award in the Netherlands, organised for students, by students, is back! The Philips Innovation Award provides a platform in which participating students successfully transform their idea into a start-up. All participants will get personal feedback, practice important skills, receive coaching, and build a network of fellow young ...

14th to 17th Nov – Global Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht [MC4E]

Join the Global Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht from 14-17 Nov 2017! Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. Under the theme of “I AM CHANGE” this year’s GEW Maastricht is bringing world class speakers around innovation, technology, sustainability, social ...

15th Nov – Local Hero Award [MC4E]

The Local Hero Award gives students the opportunity to have their business idea assessed by an expert jury of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers from trade and industry. By entering the competition students can fine tune their ideas, develop skills in order to become a successful entrepreneur, let predecessors inspire them, generate regional media attention and compete to win €10,000 ...

15th Nov – Innovator’s Challenge [MC4E]

TAKE PART IN THE ENTREPRENEURIAL DESIGN OF THE NEWEST CREATIVE HUB IN MAASTRICHT The “Innovator’s Challenge” aims at solving complex company challenges with entrepreneurial solutions. Similar to the concept of a “Hackathon”, it gathers creative and innovative students that want to work on the next ‘big thing’. Innovator’s Challenge

16th Nov – Startup Market [MC4E]

Meet local and international startups that will showcase their innovative products & services in a unique setting at Centre Ceramique during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Talk directly with founders in the fields of VR, hologram projections, app-based startups, slow-food concepts, or social startups. Startup Market

17th Nov – How to get there summit [ECE]

The innovation hubs of StartupDelta jointly organise the How To Get There (HTGT) Summit on 17 November 2016. During the HTGT Summit corporates, startups and innovation hubs work together as a ‘single hub’ to innovate faster together. Participants of the HTGT Summit can in one day see, feel, hear, and sometimes even taste what the innovation ecosystem of the Netherlands ...

17th Nov – Get in the ring [ECE]

Welcome to the Get in the Ring the Netherlands! The most promising startups in the Netherlands participate in an exciting day filled with pitching opportunities in front of champion investors, attend insightful workshops, receive pitch training, and network among fellow innovators and investors. Their goal? Become the Dutch National Winner of Get in the Ring 2016 and represent the Netherlands in the ...

9th Jan – IdeaLab [ECE]

16th Jan – BMG Café [BMG]

In week 3 vindt het tweede BMG Café van dit studiejaar plaats op de Hanzehogeschool Groningen! Het BMG Café is een plek waar student en ondernemer samenkomen in een bijzondere setting. Bij deze informele bijeenkomst worden 3 inspirerende ondernemers en sprekers uitgenodigd. Zij vertellen in 20 minuten over interessante, uiteenlopende onderwerpen. Het BMG Café is toegankelijk voor iedereen die kennis ...

23rd Jan – Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass [ECE]

The Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass is for the proactive, socially conscious who strive to make the world a better place. We organize inspirational talks with speakers from startups and bigger corporations which promote social causes. In addition, we give talented students the opportunity to develop and realize their very own socially relevant concept.  http://ecestudents.com/sem

Which communities are affiliated?

Lugus is een studentenvereniging of pre-incubator voor studenten van Hogeschool Leiden, de Leidse Universiteit en verschillende mbo’s. De studentenvereniging telt 112 leden en richt zich op studenten die ondernemer willen worden of dat zijn. Lugus wil de drempel naar het ondernemen verlagen en helpt haar leden bij het opzetten van een eigen bedrijf. Lugus biedt de studentenondernemers onder meer kantoorruimte aan. Leden kunnen zeven dagen per week in het gebouw van Lugus terecht. Ze krijgen toegang tot het uitgebreide netwerk en de vereniging organiseert informele workshops, masterclasses en Q&A-sessies met gevestigde ondernemers. https://www.lugus.nu/

Lugus [Leiden]

Student Organization

De Academic Business Club (ABC) is een netwerkorganisatie voor startende en gevestigde studentondernemers en studenten die de ambitie hebben om (in de toekomst) te gaan ondernemen. De Academic Business Club is in 2004 opgericht op initiatief van Prof. Drs. Joop G. Vianen en studenten van Tilburg University vanuit de behoefte om zich te ontwikkelen op het gebied van ondernemerschap. De ABC is interessant voor iedere student die de ambitie heeft om een eigen onderneming te starten tijdens of na zijn of haar studie. Via ons netwerk kun je in contact komen met andere ondernemers en veel van hun visie, ideeën ...

Academic Business Club [Tilburg]

Student Organization

StartHub Wageningen, part of Wageningen University and Research (WUR), is a pre-seed incubator. Our mission is to enable all WUR students and recent graduates to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set. Through entrepreneurial development in students we aim to foster change in society We power entrepreneurship by providing support through: micro-financing, housing & facilities and an entrepreneurial community with lots of events, such as workshops, seminars and start-up talks. Want to know more? Visit us at our hub on the campus of the Wageningen University and Research or contact us through the website: http://www.starthubwageningen.nl/

StartHub [Wageningen]

Student Organization

MC4E Students is the student community at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship, part of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. We are a vibrant community of startup enthusiasts who enjoy inspiring each other by organising events, workshops, networking sessions, and providing support for any student wishing to found their own company. Our large network consists of partners in the region of Limburg and beyond, who are our allies in stimulating young people in Maastricht and help boost the local economy. By closely working together with our incubator Launchbase students also get the chance to pursue a professional ...

MC4E STUDENTS [Maastricht]

Student Organization